3 Innovative Ways To Create A Retail Storefront That Builds Up Your Brand

Your potential customers may frequently window shop for products online, but nearly 9 out of 10 customers will still buy your products in person. Even online-only retailers are realizing the power of the brick and mortar store. Businesses that were formally only digital entities are starting to open up storefronts. They want to give their existing customers a more enhanced experience while also using the physical stores to attract new customers.

Here are 3 innovative ways to use your storefront as a marketing tool:

1) Use color to highlight your brand.

You don't have to settle for the same silver colored aluminum storefront frames as nearly every other business. Today, you have many color and finish options for the exterior of your store.

There are storefront frames made in colors like copper, red, purple and blue. This allows you to choose colors that will be attractive to your customers. If you have an outdoor products store, for example, you might choose a forest green trim for your storefront windows. Perhaps you know through research that your customers adore hot pink. Your storefront should feature that color.

If your logo is designed with a prominent color, use the color liberally on your storefront to build brand identity.

2) Invest in an interactive storefront.

While some customers crave the attention of your skilled sales staff as part of their shopping experience, 58% of those with mobile devices prefer interacting with their smartphones and notepads rather than with store clerks.

These are digital shoppers who want instant product details and pricing information. Draw them in before they walk past your store by creating an interactive storefront to attract their attention.

Some retailers allow window shoppers to "try on" outfits. Other interactive displays are huge touchscreens that allow customers to order food or beverages before walking inside the establishments they front. Still other interactive storefronts use shopper's gestures to move a ballet dancer, a curtain or an action figure.

These displays make people stop and pay attention. They give shoppers a unique, enhanced experience they can share with others through social media. And they drive traffic right into your front door.

3) Get artsy to get attention.

Invest in the local art scene in your community by using your storefront as an art installation. Invite notable local painters, sculptors and photographers to enter a window design contest. Or hire a local artist you admire to create a visually stunning temporary storefront.

When you showcase local artists, you show your commitment to the community, which in turn builds brand loyalty. Having aesthetically pleasing displays draws the eye - and the shopper -  to your store. Getting involved in the arts and supporting local creative people also earns your brand plenty of good press in local newspapers and on television or cable programs featuring community events.

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