6 Crib Accessories That May Be Harmful To Infants

Whether you're a child care provider, a new or soon-to-be-new parent, or a doting grandparent, crib safety is something that you should know as much about as possible. In 2011, the federal government adopted new standards concerning crib safety designed to prevent accidental injury to infants. You're probably already aware that drop-side cribs have been outlawed in the United States since 2011, but you may not know about certain crib accessories that pose potential hazards to infants. Following are five items to avoid for the sake of your child's safety:

Crib Tents

Crib tents are domes shaped fixtures that are placed over the crib and fastened to the sides. They are designed to prevent curious babies from crawling out of their cribs, but babies can easily become wrapped up in their fabric and possibly strangle. If a baby is old enough to be climbing out of the crib, it's time to replace the crib with a toddler bed.


Bumpers are used to keep babies' heads from hitting their heads on the crib slats. Unfortunately, bumpers pose significant suffocation and strangulation risks, which is why the American Academy of Pediatrics has come out against their use.

Sleep Positioners

Sleep positioners are used to keep sleeping babies from rolling over onto their stomachs and to keep their heads elevated in order to prevent acid reflux. However, sleep positioners are another suffocation and strangulation risk that should never be used in an infant's crib. If your baby is experiencing acid reflux, you should talk to your pediatrician.


Babies can easily become smothered by pillows, so they should be left out of the crib entirely, particularly large pillows that have been designed for use in adult beds.


Blankets pose yet another suffocation and strangulation hazard, particularly if they're large, loose, or thick. If someone gifts you with a beautiful baby blanket, you can still use it when the baby is out of the crib -- and it might also make an adorable wall hanging.

Stuffed Toys

Although stuffed toys provide cute accents to a baby's room, they can cause suffocation, strangulation, or choking. Display them on a shelf instead and let your baby play with them when he or she is old enough.

By now, you're probably wondering what you can put in your baby's crib to keep him or her warm and comfortable. You can do this by purchasing a good, solid crib and dressing the child in footed PJs or a sleep sack.