3 Ways To Use Decorative Lanterns As Home Decor

Once prized for their ability to provide adequate light, lanterns are receiving a new lease on life as a popular decorative item. If you are looking to update your interior design, including some lanterns could be a great way to achieve a modern, yet relaxed atmosphere. Don't have any? That's okay, you can find cheap lanterns online

Here are 3 things you can do with lanterns to make them a focal point in your home decor.

1. Fill the lanterns with old books.

Old books are other items from the past finding their way into modern home designs. You can combine the popularity of lanterns and old books to achieve a unique look within your home.

All you need is a lantern that appeals to you, and some old books that are small enough to fit inside the lantern. Simply stack the books from largest to smallest inside the lantern, and you will have created a unique item of home decor that reflects your personal sense of style.

2. Fill the lanterns with candles.

Mood lighting can have a dramatic effect when it comes to changing the feel of any room. One of the easiest ways to add more light to the interior of your home is through the addition of candles. Since lanterns were originally designed to provide light, their glass sides make perfect candle holders.

To create a more dramatic effect when arranging your candles inside your lantern, opt to use candles of varying sizes. Some pillar candles surrounded by a few tea lights will offer the soft mood lighting that your home may be lacking.

3. Use the lantern to display houseplants.

Most decorative lanterns feature four glass-paneled sides. These glass panels not only allow light to exit the lantern, but they allow sunlight to enter it as well. Choosing to display your houseplants inside your decorative lantern can be a great way to add interest to any area of your home without compromising the health of your plant.

In addition to providing adequate sunlight, lanterns can serve as miniature greenhouses that will keep delicate houseplants warm during the cold winter months.

There are so many ways to utilize decorative lanterns inside your home that the possibilities are endless. A simple way to incorporate these decorative pieces into your decor is by using them as a type of display box to showcase books, candles, or houseplants.

Being able to see lanterns as more than a light source will help you find unique ways to include these decorative pieces in your interior design in the future.