More Than Beautiful - Hardwood Floors Can Be Good For Your Health

Your home is supposed to be a comfortable place to relax. But what if you suffer from asthma, allergies, or are prone to sneezing or coughing at home? No one wants to feel like they have a cold all the time.

Many people with allergies know to take simple steps like cleaning and vacuuming frequently and using HEPA air filters in furnaces. But what you may not know is that the material of your floor can make a big difference in the amount of allergens present. Installing hardwood floors is an excellent step to creating a house that's friendly to the lungs.

Minimizing Dust and Mites

Hardwood floors are easy to keep clean. Unlike carpeting, dust does not penetrate into hardwood floors; this also removes one of the biggest spots for dust mites. In addition, you don't need complicated and potentially irritating chemicals to keep hardwood clean. Mopping with mild soap and water is the main method of cleaning, and baking soda can be used to remove scuff marks.

Using Area Rugs

One advantage that carpets do have over hardwood floors is warmth. In the winter, hardwood floors can feel quite cold on bare feet. But by placing area rugs over the floor, you can help keep the floor warm (and attractive) while keeping it easy to clean. Smaller, washable rugs that can be run through the laundry are much easier to keep clean than wall-to-wall carpeting.

Reducing Home Pollution

When you enter your home from outside, you are also bringing a little bit of the outside in with you – and that includes small amounts of pollution. If you've walked through lawns, parks, or other landscaping that's treated with pesticides, small amounts will have been deposited on your shoes. If you live in the city, the air pollution can come in every time you open the door or window. Hardwood floors keep these substances on the surface of the floor, where they will be removed the next time you clean.

Choose the Right Hardwood Floor

There are many types of wood floors out there. If you're trying to reduce allergens and chemicals in your environment, you should look for prefinished hardwood floors. Having the finish applied in the factory rather than your home means that there will be no sanding or application of chemicals inside your home. And consider installing a very hard type of wood, like maple, oak, or cherry, with a long warranty; this will give you the longest time possible before your floor needs to be refinished.

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