Five Ideas For Romantic And Wonderful Wedding Flowers On A Budget

Want to save a bundle on your wedding costs? Try some clever approaches to wedding flowers that won't bust your budget, but that will be every bit as beautiful as those you find at your local florist. There are many different techniques and arrangements that you may make, and the following five suggestions provide some basic rules of thumb for creating gorgeous, low-cost arrangements suitable for any wedding:

1. Do-it-yourself bouquets.

Save money by making your own bouquets using fresh, silk, or dried flowers and green floral tape. Secure the stems together by wrapping with the tape, and accent as desired. Consider tying ribbon around the stems to disguise the tape and create visual interest.

2. Clever centerpiece creations.

There are so many ways to create unique centerpieces; the key is in the container or vessel that you use. Try using old baskets, seashells, and even hollowed-out fruit, such as a pineapple, for your table centerpieces. Be sure to use short stems, so that the arrangement doesn't interfere with socializing and conversation at the tables.

3. Floral flexibility.

You will find that you are able to save money when you are flexible about the flowers used in your wedding events. Depending on what is in season and what is readily available, you can find beautiful blooms to complement your wedding décor easily and affordably. Work with your florist to find some nice pairings to use in bouquets, centerpieces, and reception pieces.

4. Native species.

Any time that you request flowers that are not native to your area, you will pay more money. The cost of these tropical flowers, plus the charges for shipping them to your florist, can be exorbitant. Instead, use some popular blooms that are native to the region, and they will be easier to get your hands on for your wedding event, too!

5. Color themes.

Arrange your flowers with a color theme in mind. This will eliminate any stress related to finding particular types of flowers, and will ensure that flowers are available from your florist when you need them. Don't forget: florists have the clever ability to dye flowers to match any color scheme!

Save some money on your wedding costs with these five simple and practical solutions for affordable wedding flowers. Whether you decide on using native, seasonal flowers from your florist, or if you attempt your own bouquets and centerpieces, try these tactics to save money that will be better-spent as you start out your new life together!

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