Commercial Lawn Care: Four Methods For Managing Weeds

If you are like most people, you do not like the sight of weeds. Although they can annoying in a backyard, they can be even worse if spotted on business property. Weeds not only make a business look less inviting, but also make a business appear sloppy.

If you own a business and do not have the money to spend on commercial weed control companies, do not worry. You can tackle those weeds and make them disappear. All you need is the right knowledge, some basic tools, and patience.

Here are four methods for managing weeds in any setting:

1. Utilize Mulch

Mulch serves multiple purposes in a lawn. It helps to keep the soil cool and moist, as well as prevent weeds. It also provides a nice visual effect to lawns and gardens.

If you want to use mulch to prevent weed growth, opt for a smaller mulch with less bulk. Wood chips work well, as they block out the sunlight and keep weeds at bay. If you have a large weed problem, look into mulches that contain small insects. The insects will seek out the weeds and eat them, often before the weeds have a chance to grow

Although mulch works well, it does need to be re-filled. So make sure you replace—or re-fill—the much as needed; because overtime, it will compost and deteriorate and that will allow weeds to take hold.

2. Eliminate Extra Space

Another way to combat weeds is to eliminate extra space. As you probably know, weeds need sufficient space to grow and thrive; and by reducing that space, you prevent weeds.

This method is fairly easy and affordable too, so it is ideal for those with a limited budget. As a general rule of thumb, reduce the plant spacing guidelines by 25 percent. However, make sure you read the guidelines for plants carefully; you want to leave enough space for the plants to grow hearty and healthy, but reduce the space for weeds to grow.

3. Use Weed Killers Early

If you have a routine problem with weeds infiltrating your lawn or garden, be proactive. Instead of waiting until weeds sprout to kill them off, spray with weed killer before they emerge. In general, you should spray the season before the weed begins to sprout. For example, crabgrass sprouts in the summer, so you will spray in the spring.

4. Opt For Drip Irrigation

Another handy method for killing off weeds is to use a drip irrigation watering system. Like any plant, weeds need water to grow—without it, they will die off naturally. A drip irrigation system will water the plants you want, while avoiding the plants you do not want: weeds.

Identify the areas you want watered and install a drip irrigation system. You can do it yourself with some piping, or hire a professional.

These four methods are very handy—and cost effective—for managing weed growth on your property. If you find that you have a severe weed issue, and these methods just don't cut it, consider hiring a commercial weed control professional like Snyder's Weed Control—it is likely you need heavy-duty chemicals or a lot of time to remove the pesky plants.