Make Metal Ornaments To Hang From The Trees In You Garden

Make some metal garden ornaments to adorn the trees in your garden with recycled cans and some craft materials. They will turn a plain area into one that is brightly decorated and will produce an interesting clanging noise on windy days if they are hung next to each other.

Use The Following Materials

  • metal cans (various sizes)
  • acrylic craft paint
  • glitter
  • stencils
  • two sided tape
  • small bowl
  • paintbrushes (various sizes)
  • water
  • freezer
  • hammer 
  • nail
  • decorative twine
  • small bells (for crafts)
  • dry cloth
  • foil tray

Wash The Cans And Insert Holes

Remove the labels from the cans. Wash the inside and outside of each one with a scrub brush and soapy water. Fill the cans with water and place them in your freezer. Once the water has frozen, place the cans on a sturdy surface with the metal side facing upwards.

Insert a hole in the bottom, center of each can by striking a hole through the metal with a hammer and nail. Pull the nail out of the cans after each hole is large enough to insert a piece of twine through. Rinse the cans under hot water until the ice melts. Dry the interior of each one with a dry cloth.

Decorate The Cans

Attach stencils to the outside of each can with two sided tape. Fill the cut out sections in with acrylic craft paint and a paintbrush. Paint the rest of each can with different colors. Wait for the paint to dry for a couple hours before removing the stencils. To give the garden ornaments a sparkly appearance, sprinkle glitter onto them while the paint is still wet.

Place the cans on a foil tray while pouring the glitter on them to collect excess glitter. Once the cans are completely dry spray acrylic craft spray on the surface of the cans to protect the paint from fading or peeling.

Attach Bells And Twine

Cut pieces of twine to hang the ornaments up with. Place a small bell on the end of each one and tie it in a knot. Place the bells inside of the cans and pull the rest of each piece of twine through the holes that are on the bottoms of the cans. Tie the cans on sturdy branches on some of the trees in your garden. Place some of the ornaments next to each other so that they will touch each other on windy days. The garden ornaments will sound like chimes. They will be pretty to look at and will give your property a unique appearance.