3 Tools Homeowners Can Use To Control Pests Without Pesticides

Pests are a big problem for homeowners. Spiders, ants, cockroaches, and many more creepy crawlies can move into your home uninvited, and getting rid of them can be challenging. Pesticides are effective, but they can be dangerous to people and pets, not just the pests you're trying to kill. Here are three tools you can use to control pests without having to use dangerous pesticides. 

Glue traps

Glue traps are small pieces of cardboard with a sticky substance on one side. The glue doesn't contain any pesticides, but it may contain added scents to make it more appealing to pests. Pests crawl across the glue, get stuck, and then die. 

Glue traps work best when you place them in areas where insects like to travel. Place your traps in the corners of rooms, along your baseboards, and on your windowsills. Pay extra attention to dark, moist places like your basement and your laundry room.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is a rough dust that's made of tiny fossils. It's not a poison, but it's an effective way to kill bugs. When bugs crawl across the abrasive dust, tiny cuts are made in their exoskeletons, which causes them to dry out and then die. 

This earth needs to be spread in places where bugs are likely to crawl, but not in places where it's likely to be disturbed by people or pets. Try placing it in corners, along your baseboards, and in other areas where you've seen bugs.

Natural repellents 

Many people don't like strong smells like onions and garlic, and surprisingly, the pests you come across in your home or garden are very similar. There are certain smells that pests don't like, so if you sprinkle or spray these odors around your home, the pests won't want to come into your house. 

Common spices like garlic powder, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper can repel a wide variety of insects. All you have to do is sprinkle these powders around the foundation of your home and in areas where you've seen insect activity. 

Vinegar is another effective insect repellent, especially when it's used with essential oils like mint or lavender. Fill a spray bottle with half water and half vinegar, then add about 10 drops of essential oil. Spray the mixture around the perimeter of your house, around your doors and windows, and around any other places where you've seen pests. 

If you don't want to use pesticides around your home, you can control pests with tools such as glue traps, diatomaceous earth, or natural repellents. For more pest control tips, contact a company like ASE Pest & Weed Supplies.