Workplace Ergonomics For Employers: Top Tips

If you are a business owner who employs office workers, then you naturally want their workstations and furniture to be as comfortable as possible. After all, if workers end up with physical problems due to an inefficient working environment they are going to be less productive. Fortunately, providing employees with office furniture that is ergonomically sound solves this issue.

This article offers some key tips for employers who want to keep their office workers healthy and productive:

Adjustable Desk

One crucial difficulty that arises in many office is that the height of the desks are not adjustable. This means that the worker is constantly sitting down for extended periods of time, which is not healthy in the long term. A desk that has an adjustable height mechanism allows the employee to sit for a certain amount of time and then raise the height. The employee may then work while he or she is standing.

This regular movement throughout the workday keep employees from coming down with back troubles, as standing puts less pressure on the lower back than sitting.


Chairs that do not support the human body properly can cause lower back pain and headaches in your office employees. To prevent this, provide all workers with chairs that have been designed with ergonomics in mind. An ergonomic chair should have a backrest that offers solid support for the lower back.

It should also have armrests that allow the worker to keep his elbows close to his or her body. The chair legs should have casters to allow employees to move around easily as they work. This prevent muscles strain from reaching and bending for needed items supplies.


Appropriate lighting is another vital element of an employee-friendly workstation. For example,overhead lighting cannot be adjusted to each worker's comfort level. This means that some workers may develop eye strain or other eye difficulties due to improper lighting. Reduce your overhead lighting and provide each worker with an adjustable desk lamp. The worker can then adjust the position of the lamp to meet his or her visual needs. Ergonomic lamps should have flexible arms as well as a head that can pivoted into several positions.

Every employer wants his office personnel to be both comfortable at their desks as well as productive throughout the day. By following these top tips for creating ergonomic workstations, you will achieve both goals and ensure that your company gets excellent production from its employees.