Simple Feng Shui Solutions For Creating A Serene, Successful Backyard

As a homeowner, you most likely understand the importance of outdoor living. From added space for entertaining and relaxing to increasing your home's overall value, it is easy to see the need for an appealing and functional backyard. Unfortunately, you may not know where to begin when designing an attractive, comfortable, and relaxing space. Using the simple principles of feng shui, you can create a serene, successful backyard for your outdoor living needs.


Life, such as shrubs, flowers, and trees, is an important element in feng shui. However, choosing the right pieces and planting them in the correct locations of your backyard is essential. Here are a few tips to get started:

  • Bamboo – Bamboo is not only an attractive plant, but it is also easy to grow and maintain. In addition, planting bamboo in your backyard will increase wisdom for your family.
  • Peonies – The peony is the national flower of China. This fragrant flower symbolizes honor and wealth. Peonies are available in a variety of colors, so there is an option for your personality.
  • Greenery – If you want financial gain, choose plants with lush greenery. Ferns, palm, and tall grasses are great options.
  • Happiness – Install plants and flowers with light-colored blooms in darker areas of your backyard. This will promote peace and happiness.
  • Larger Shrubs and Trees – Avoid planting larger shrubs and trees in front of windows, doors, or gates. These plants will block views, but also block clear thoughts from entering and exiting your mind.


Running water is also an important element in feng shui design due to its peaceful, calming effect. To incorporate this feel into your backyard, consider finding an outdoor water fountain for sale.

Purchase an outdoor water fountain and install it in a corner of your backyard that allows the water to "flow" towards your house to increase wealth. If the flow of water faces away from your home, you will decrease your overall wealth.

Placing your water feature in the correct location is important, but you must also add a dragon accent. A stone, resin, or metal dragon statue should be placed next to your water fountain. Without the dragon, the water feature will only offer 20 percent of its feng shui strength to improve wealth and serenity.

If possible, increase your wealth and abundance by adding a few fish to your outdoor water feature, as well.

While surprising to hear, the principles of feng shui can create a calming, successful environment. Using these feng shui tips, you can enhance and improve your backyard space's feel and appeal.