Easily Upcycle An Inherited Table To Turn It Into A One-Of-A-Kind Table You'll Love

If you have recently inherited a piece of furniture that has great bones, but simply doesn't match your particular decorating style, consider upcycling it into a piece that you will be proud to display in your home. A small side table can be a great piece to use to learn how to upcycle. The following guide walks you through the basics of taking an outdated piece of furniture and turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece.

Create an Even Surface

The first thing you will need to do is smooth the piece. Take the time to smooth down the finish by using 80-grit sandpaper to remove any rough places on the piece. Be sure to rub the surfaces very lightly so that you do not cause damage to the piece.

Paint the Piece

Next, you will be ready to paint the entire piece. Remove the drawer from the front of the piece and use a screwdriver to remove any knobs that are attached to it. Paint the entire exterior of the table. Do not worry about painting the front of the drawer, because you are going to make that have a fabric front to make it even more unique. Allow the paint to dry fully before attempting to move the table.

Add the Fabric to the Drawer Front

Get a piece of faux leather and cut it slightly larger than the size of the drawer front. Use wood glue to carefully spread the fabric across the front of the drawer, being sure that you do not get the glue on the edges of the fabric. You want to fold the edges of the fabric between the front of the fabric and the front of the drawer to create a crisp, sleek edge. You do not want the frayed or cut edges to show. Add a bit more wood glue behind the creases and then press the edges of the fabric against the drawer front.

Add a Nailhead Trim

Nailhead trim is available in strips that allow you to get the look of true nailhead trim without the hassle of attaching each nailhead individually. Simply place the nailhead trim against the edges of the drawer front and carefully take them trim into place with a small hammer. The trim will have tacks sticking out of the back of it that allows the trim to easily secure to the drawer within seconds.

Once you have added your nailhead trim and the paint has dried, you can start using the table right away. Put the drawer back into the piece and enjoy how amazing and unique it looks.

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