Care Tips For Your Home's New Seamless Rain Gutters

Now that the new seamless rain gutters have been installed on your home, it is important that you take certain steps to keep them clean and flowing well. Without proper gutter maintenance, your home is in danger of:

  • underlayment damage,

  • crawlspace or basement flooding,

  • mildew and mold growth,

  • and water staining on exterior paint.

Additionally, the seamless rain gutters themselves can be damaged if they become clogged with organic matter and dirt which causes them to sag and pull down on the edge of the roof. In order to properly care for your new home's new rain gutters, talk with a professional, like Rainbow Gutter Co. You should also do the following:

Eliminate Sources of Dropping Organic Matter Around Your Home's Roof

Since cleaning rain gutters is never a fun job, you can eliminate a lot of the headache by taking care to trim back any tall bushes or ivy that are near the gutters. This will stop the leaves from dropping into the gutters.

You should also have all of the large trees in your yard pruned each year. Any tree branches that overhang your home or that drop excessive leaves onto your roof should be removed. Eliminating the source of the organic matter in your rain gutters will make cleaning them a lot easier.

Clean the Seamless Rain Gutters at Least Twice Per Year

You should schedule your home's new rain gutters for cleaning at least twice per year. Many homeowners clean their rain gutters at the end of the fall season and again in the spring. By the end of the fall, all of the leaves have fallen off of the trees and they will no longer be blowing around and getting stuck in your home's gutters, so this is a perfect time to clean out the gutters before the snow and rains of winter arrive.

As the winter goes on, it is natural for the rain gutters to collect dirt and pine needles that blow around during strong winter storms. By cleaning out the rain gutters at the beginning of spring, you can ensure that they will be okay until you clean them again in the fall.

Have Rain Gutter Leaf Guards Installed

Finally, you can eliminate the need for your home's seamless rain gutters to be cleaned by having leaf gutter guards installed. Leaf gutter guards sit on the top of the rain gutters and allow only water to pass through them, and this eliminates the need for seasonal rain gutter cleaning.