Tips For Making Over Your Kitchen With French Charm

It's time to make over your kitchen. Probably you've targeted upgrades that will make your tasks easier, such as increased cabinetry or a universal layout. However, a part of you may want to keep your kitchen feeling cozy and welcoming. A French kitchen is one of the most inviting designs, a space that provides a center for family gatherings. Make over your kitchen with county detailing to evoke a sense of French charm.

Get Fancy with Cabinetry

A French country kitchen isn't about simplicity. Instead, your kitchen should evoke a centuries-old appeal, even if it's a fresh remodel. Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding furniture accenting such as ornate corbels to your cabinetry. Old world French kitchens didn't have built-in cabinetry, so the goal is to make your cabinets look like wooden furniture. Include doors with elaborate trim, add curved feet to the bottom of the cabinets, and include crown molding to complete the look. In other words, when in doubt, keep it fancy.

Go Soft on the Color Scheme

You're not trying to replicate the Palace of Versailles, so to counter the ornate nature of your trim, make the color palette soft. Take inspiration from the French countryside. Start with a neutral base, such as eggshell or delicate cream. Add pale flower hues, such as the light blue of cornflowers or delicate purple of lavender. Use the foundational shade for your walls and the pale color for the cabinetry. In fact, consider a glazed finish for the cabinetry to replicate the antique look of a rustic French kitchen.

Mix the Materials

Another hallmark of the old world kitchen is its eclectic nature. When it comes to accenting, mix up the materials. Marble is a classic for countertops. However, granite and quartz composite can replicate the look of marble while providing a more durable surface. Likewise, consider adding copper and brass, such as in the cabinet's hardware. Additionally, change out some of the cabinet doors with leaded glass or even wire grill panels. The goal here is to add rustic charm to your fancy wooden cabinetry.

Let the Backsplash Be Bright

Mediterranean countries are renowned for their ceramics, so promote this ideal in your French country kitchen. Choose a selection of tiles in bright colors such as cobalt, ochre and russet. Have the tiles installed as a backsplash in your kitchen. This backsplash serves as a bright focal point in your space.

When planning your kitchen remodel, think about the elements of a county kitchen that make it cozy, such as a soft palette and rustic materials. Add a little old world panache in the form of furniture detailing and colorful tile work to create a charming kitchen worthy of the French countryside. Contact a remodeling company, like Bryce & Doyle, for more ideas.