2 Ideas For Transforming Your Basement Into A Cozy Library

When you have a basement space that you have never really put to good use before, you may find yourself at times fantasizing about what it could look like and what you might one day be able to do with the space to make it a more integrated part of your home. If you are an avid reader and have an extensive home library of books, one of the best ways that you can convert your previously unused basement space into something you use frequently is to transform it into a cozy library. Get to know some of the steps you can take to accomplish this goal and you will be curled up reading a book with a cup of tea in your brand new cozy library before you know it.

Get the Right Flooring

If you are going for a warm and inviting appeal for your new cozy home library, you need flooring that is beautiful and looks as if it belongs in some of the world's most beautiful libraries. Generally speaking, this would mean hardwood floors. However, hardwood floors and basements do not mix well together as the changes in temperature, shifts in the foundation, and even potential moisture in your basement can all warp and damage traditional hardwood flooring.

While traditional hardwood flooring may not be an option, engineered wood definitely is. Engineered hardwood can look exactly like traditional hardwood, but it has multiple layers of pressed wood that create more stability for your basement library flooring. It is also easier to install in your basement as you can install it as a floating floor and not need to attach it directly to the concrete subfloor of your basement.

Other options that would work in your basement library include vinyl tile or laminate flooring. These options can look like traditional stone or ceramic tile or wood but are designed to work well with the shifts and changes in basement temperature and are easy to install. Just be sure to add some area rugs to whatever flooring you choose to cozy up your library even more.

Install Built-In Bookshelves

Another way to really make your basement library feel cozy and like a real library is to use built-in rather than freestanding bookcases. Building your bookcases into the wall will provide you with more stability and can make your space go from looking like a book storage area into a library that you want to spend time in.

Consider having these shelves installed all throughout the room or rooms you are converting into a library and use a heavier thicker type of wood in your shelves in rich warm colors like cherry or mahogany. Floor-to-ceiling bookcases in your basement library may also be a good idea as this can actually make the room look bigger as opposed to smaller by drawing the eye up, making your library feel massive and welcoming.

Now that you have a few ideas to get you started when you want to remodel your basement and create a cozy library, you can get started in the process as soon as possible. For professional assistance, visit Property Service Agency LLC.