Three Tips For Protecting Your Landscaping Through The Storm Season

As a new property owner, one of the things you need to be attentive to is getting your landscaping through the storm season. When you invest in trees, shrubs and other plants for your yard, it's important that everything makes it through the storms intact. Here are a few tips to help you prepare the plants and trees in your yard before the next big storm.

Choosing Plants

When you live in an area that's prone to storms like that, be selective about the plants that you put into your yard. Look for plants that can hold up to the weather, like oak trees, cypress and conifers. The stronger, heartier and more durable the plants are, the better your chances are of getting them through storm season with ease.

Protecting Trees

One of the first things to remember is that pruned, shaped and maintained trees will naturally weather storms better than those left to grow with weakened, damaged or dead limbs. Make sure that you trim low-hanging branches, any that threaten the house and those too close to power lines.

When you're trimming and pruning your trees, make sure that you're balancing the weight on all sides. That way, you don't have heavy limbs weighing down one side and making the tree more susceptible to leaning or falling in heavy winds. And, as you prune, look for any signs of fungus on the base of the tree. If there's fungus appearing, that's an indication that the tree may be rotting inside, which can weaken its integrity in general. You'll want a landscaper to evaluate that and help you address it.

Supporting Young Plants

When you add new plants before the storm season, make sure you support them as well as possible. Stake young trees and plants until they are strong and can stand up against wind and heavy storms. Just make sure that you're using stakes strong enough to support without being so rigid that they don't allow for a little bit of movement against the wind. Too much pressure on an inflexible stake could result in cracking and damage to your plants.

Don't let this year's storm season destroy your landscaping. With the tips here and the help of a local landscaping professional like Cumberland Valley Tree Service & Landscaping, you'll be able to not only choose the right plants for your yard but also protect them and your trees from severe storm-related damage.