5 Tips For Designing A Cottage Kitchen

The cottage style is one of the most charming looks for a kitchen. An eclectic style, cottage looks allow you to personalize your décor. The goal of cottage style is to create a cheery and bright ambience in a working space. Transform your kitchen with cottage style by mixing farmhouse and vintage appeal.

Start with a Cheery Palette

The cottage kitchen should feel like the homey hub of your family. To this end, choose a cheery palette. Shades of yellow are common in this style. You can use yellow as an accent color for white or beige, or choose an accent color for the yellow. Sky blue channels the outdoors and is charming for the cottage kitchen.

Install Granite Countertops

Granite countertops are not only low-maintenance, they offer numerous colors and patterns. Choose from the more traditional colors, such as beige and white, for the old-style feel of the cottage kitchen. Granite also comes in three patterns – speckled, marbled and solid. Any of these blends well with your homey décor. When it comes to the edging, an eased edge is simple, but you could draw attention to the countertop with a beveled edge.

Include Furniture Detailing

Kitchens in cottages were often rooms with sinks and stoves, meaning homeowners had to install furniture for all other purposes. However, your kitchen likely has built-in cabinets and maybe even an island. Channel the old-fashioned cottage by adding furniture detailing to the cabinetry. Select doors with trim. Additionally, consider adding columns and feet to cabinet fronts to suggest movable furniture.

Add a Cottage-Style Wet Station

The centerpiece of your wet station is, of course, your sink. A wide, apron-front  or farmhouse sink is traditional in cottage style. Add a simple faucet for that cottage feel. Better Homes and Gardens also suggests adding traditional cottage-style features such as beaded board and schoolhouse lights. Additionally, consider opening up one of the cabinets near the sink and outfitting it as an old-fashioned dry station for crockery.

Decorate with Antiques

Decorative elements really make your cottage kitchen stand out. Decorate your kitchen with antique or antique-look pieces. If possible, also select appliances that look antique. Likewise, consider transforming a farm table into your kitchen island. Additionally, utilize old-style fixtures for lighting and antique-look hardware for your cabinetry. Finally, include lots of flea market finds, such as plates and wall hangings, for your décor.

Your kitchen will shine with the cheerful but down-to-earth style characteristic of the cottage look. Contact a business, such as All Marble Granite & Tile Imports Inc, for more information.