3 Tricks To Help You Have The Greenest Lawn On The Block

With the summer heat coming, lawn maintenance can be a difficult chore. If you are a person that spends a lot of time in the garden, it can also mean that dry weather starts to kill your grass or leave dead patches in your lawn. If you want to have the greenest lawn on the block, there are some tricks that can help you, such as using drip irrigation beneath the lawn, aerations and overseeding. Here are some of the best tricks to ensure you have the greenest lawn on the block, even during the hottest droughts:

1. Buried Lawn Drip Irrigation Systems For Perfect Moisture

Keeping the lawn well-watered is important if you want it to be green all summer. With water regulations and droughts that quickly suck up any moisture, this can be difficult with conventional sprinkler systems. If you want your lawn to have the perfect moisture content, drip irrigation can be a good solution. With grass, instead of being on top of the lawn, you can have a buried system, which will ensure that your grass always has the perfect moisture content, while using as little water as possible. This is good for your lawn and for the environment.

2. Aeration And Fertilizing To Keep Lawn Green And Healthy

Grass has an extensive root system, which over time can become so dense that air does not get to the plants. To help your grass breathe and allow for new growth the contribute to the green color, aeration can be done. This is the process of perforating the lawn and root systems to allow the lawn to breathe. In addition to aeration, during the spring season, you will want to give your grass a healthy dose of fertilizer to ensure it is in good shape for the summer months.

3. Overseeding For The Perfect Combination Of Winter And Summer Grasses

Depending on where you live, some grasses may do better than others. The seasons can also affect different types of grasses. To solve this problem overseeding can be done. This is where two types of grasses are planted to give your lawn a green surface all year. During the winter months, a grass that does better in cold weather will be planted. A summer grass that does well in hot dry weather will be planted to give your lawn new green growth when the winter grass starts to die.

These are some of the best tricks to ensure you have the greenest lawn on the block during the driest summer days. Contact a lawn spraying service, such as Turfcare Unlimited Lawn Spray Service, and talk with them about some of these solutions to help keep your lawn green and healthy all year.