Pest Control: Getting Rid Of Drywood Termites Without Drilling Holes

Drywood termites are usually hard to eliminate because they rarely come to the surface to look for food. They are also hard to bait since the presence of moisture and food usually does little as far as bringing them out of furniture is concerned. All the food and moisture they need they can find in your furniture, so they can continue damaging your property without coming up for air, food or moisture. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you to eliminate these hard-to-beat insects.

Use microwaves

Since drywood termites hide deep in furniture, getting to them is usually hard. This is so especially when drilling holes into the infested furniture is out of the question.

Drywood termites can be killed with microwaves even when they are deep in their hideouts. The fact that this can happen even without boring holes through your property makes this method ideal for use when it dealing with valuable pieces of furniture.

Take advantage of sunlight

Drywood termites aren't great at dealing with the heat and light emitted by the sun. Therefore, if they have infested an item that is easily portable, simply leave the item in the sun for a couple of days. The resulting exposure is sometimes enough to kill the termites and save your property from further damage.

Use heat chambers

While you can have success getting rid of drywood termites by taking advantage of the heat generated by sunlight, it is not the most effective heat treatment method. The temperature rise that result from sun exposure may sometimes be insufficient to kill the termites. For fail-proof results, it is usually advisable that you use special heat chambers.

The heat chamber method of termite eradication involves putting the affected furniture in special enclosed heat chambers. The furniture is then left inside the heat chambers long enough to guarantee temperature increases that are enough to make the inside of the furniture uninhabitable. A couple of hours is usually enough for this method to completely get rid of any drywood termites in the furniture.

Use refrigeration chambers

Heat can sometimes damage your valuables. Therefore, when dealing with heat-sensitive furniture, the use of refrigeration chambers is usually recommended. With this method, the furniture is subjected to extremely cold temperatures with the aim of creating an environment that is too harsh for the drywood termites to survive.

Using this method will not only kill any furniture-destroying termites, but also protect your furniture from damage that usually accompanies other termite-eradication methods such as the heat chamber method. The only problem with this method is that it takes longer to kill the termites.