3 Excellent Uses for a Hot Water Washer

Having a hot water washer can be beneficial for so many different reasons. It can clean a variety of materials and can provide a level of clean that a cold water washer can not. This article will discuss three excellent uses for a hot water washer. 

Grease and Grime 

If you have a floor or parking lot that is covered with grease and grime, the gunk likely isn't going to go anywhere unless you use a hot water washer. While a cold water washer can be effective for removing things like dirt from a floor, it isn't going to be effective for breaking down the components of things like oil and grease, which must be done in order to remove it, rather than just move it around on the floor. The heat element provided by the hot water washer helps to remove the grease and grime entirely, allowing you to have a floor or parking lot that is completely clean once again. 


If you have paint on the side of your building, your flooring, or your parking lot that you would like to have removed, this can effectively be done using a hot water washer. The heat of the water helps to break down the paint quickly, and the pressure behind the washer gives you the power that you need to remove the paint once it has been broken down. There are a few things that you should keep in mind when using a pressure washer to remove your paint. You want to be sure that the power is strong enough or mild enough for the task at hand. For example, if you are removing paint from cement, you are going to need a very high setting. However, if you are removing paint from a wooden based structure, it is going to need to be more mild, so as not to damage the wood. 


If you have an issue with mold and mildew growing in the shaded and damp areas of your parking lot, or other areas inside or outside of your home or business, then it is crucial that you have this mold or mildew removed. Depending on what type of mold it is, it can be dangerous if you let it sit and grow. An effective way to get rid of the mold, without having to touch it, is to use a hot water washer with a detergent to clean the area where the mold is located. The heat and pressure will effectively remove the mold and the detergent will remove any of the harmful substances that may have been left behind by the mold. 

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