How To Choose A Countertop To Fit Your Home Design Style

The kitchen may be the "heart of the home," but the countertops are the "bones" of the kitchen. Countertops provide the backdrop to your gathering space, from family meals to morning coffee. Simply said, your choice of countertop will define the personality of your kitchen. Here are some trending home design styles and their coordinating countertop recommendations:


For an industrial look, stainless steel or concrete countertops can be a unique and bold choice. Stainless steel is common in commercial kitchens because it is durable and heat resistant. However, it can scratch and dent if you're not careful. Concrete is also a very durable material, but it is very heavy and has to be paired with cabinetry that can handle the weight. Some varieties of quartz are able to mimic a concrete look while being lighter and easier to clean.


For a warm, natural look, wood can provide a cozy atmosphere in a kitchen. Butcher block wood countertops can be made from almost any wood, but usually, a hardwood with a clear grain is the best choice. Color and grain are the primary considerations with wood countertops, as these factors will determine the look and feel of the surface. Wood will naturally age over time, giving a worn-in patina look to the countertop. Wood countertops are not heat- and stain-resistant and are susceptible to water damage. Butcher block is also softer than other countertop materials and requires sanding and oiling to maintain, so some homeowners elect to use it only on a kitchen island or other designated space.


Natural quartz surfaces are sleek and elegant with easy maintenance. Quartz is stain and water-resistant, making it a convenient choice for a kitchen or bathroom. The beauty of stone lies in the naturally-occurring color and sheen variations, which bring character to your space. White or black quartz can instantly make a kitchen feel clean, modern, and elevated.

A particularly contemporary look is achieved with a waterfall countertop. Unlike a traditional countertop with a single horizontal surface, a waterfall countertop continues vertically down the sides to create a flow of the material to the floor. Quartz or another variety of natural stone is usually used for a waterfall countertop. This high-end option is all about the drama, which is noted within this material's cost.

Whether your home style is industrial, natural, or modern, choosing a countertop to coordinate with your aesthetic will help your space feel cohesive and well-designed. For more information, contact a company like Old World Stone.