Five Benefits Of Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a small update to your home that can save you a lot of time and headaches. The following are just some of the benefits these simple devices provide.

1. Clog Prevention

Clogs are a major concern for any home gutter system. Sticks, leaves, and other debris are the source of clogged gutters. Once clogged, gutters overflow, downspouts get jammed, and the gutters cease to perform their desired function. Guards keep the debris out of the gutter troughs and downspouts so that clogs become an extremely rare problem.

2. Less Maintenance

Maintenance of the gutters can be a real pain. For most homes, this is a twice annual project. You must pull out the ladder, put on heavy gloves, and then physically scoop the wet compost that forms out of the gutter troughs. Then the gutters have to be rinsed out and the downspouts may need to be unplugged if clogs collected inside. With guards, the only maintenance is to occasionally rinse them off with the hose so that leaves don't collect on top.

3. Rust Avoidance

Rusty gutters are unsightly and more likely to develop a leak since eventually, they will rust through and holes will form. Two things affect how much gutters will rust. The first is the paint job, which seals the metal against rust-causing moisture and oxygen. The other is standing water. Debris that collects in the gutter will eventually either scratch the finish or weaken it to the point it begins to flake off. Then the standing water and air will cause rust formation. Clean gutters dry quickly and are less prone to damaged finish.

4. Fewer Leaks

Leaks are a real problem. Even seamless gutters can develop leaks in the few areas where they join up to downspouts. Clogs in the gutter are a major cause of leak formation. The pooled water that results from a clog puts pressure on seams, joints, and other weak spots. Eventually, the water wins and you end up with a leak. Leaking gutters aren't just a pain; the water dripping down the side of your home can cause damage to the siding. 

5. Insect Management

Gutters can be a breeding ground for nuisance insects like mosquitoes. Debris in the gutters slows the water flow, allowing pools to form. Mosquitoes don't need a large body of water to lay eggs, the larvae can develop in any stagnant water. Guards keep the debris out of the gutters so that they drain rapidly. The result is no stagnant water, thus no mosquitoes. 

Contact a gutter guard installation service to learn more about upgrading your existing gutters.