Keeping Ants Out Of Your Home When Warmer Weather Arrives

If you live in an area where ants are known to be nuisances during the warmer times of the year, you are likely to worry about the prospect of them coming inside of your own home during the spring, summer, and fall months. There are a few precautionary steps you can take in preparation for warm weather to aid in keeping ants on the outside of your abode.

Check Your Home For Areas Pest Can Gain Entry

Before ants become abundant, it is wise to conduct an assessment of the condition of the materials used on the outside of your home. If you have shingles in need of repair or replacement, doing so before pests are in large numbers will help to keep them from getting inside. Walk around the perimeter of your home, checking for cracks in the foundation and siding pieces. If voids are discovered, use caulk to fill them in until you are able to contact a contractor to repair or replace materials as needed. Use door sweeps to fill in large gaps under doors and weather-stripping pieces around window frames and glass panels.

Invest Time In Outdoor Landscaping Maintenance

Ants will congregate in areas where they feel safe and have a readily available supply of food and water. To keep ants from harboring themselves in the ground around your home, you need to conduct landscaping tasks to make your property less favorable to these pests. Keep on top of lawn mowing and brush trimming so ants have fewer areas for nesting. If you see an anthill, knock it down so ants living underground become agitated enough to move their quarters to a new location. If ants were problematic in the past, consider contacting a pest control service to evaluate your land and treat it as needed so ants do not become difficulties again in the future.

Clean As Much As Possible To Thwart Pest Invasions

Taking time to clean your home's interior often will help in cutting down on the amount of crumbs ants have access to. Wipe counters after meal preparation and store leftovers in sealed containers inside of your refrigerator. Vacuum, mop, and sweep floors daily to keep food remnants out of your home. Take trash outside to garbage cans so ants do not make their way inside of the bags. Empty and wash pet bowls immediately after feeding sessions. Use a vinegar/water mixture to clean surfaces, as the scent will eliminate ant trails, making it more difficult for these pests to find food inside of your home.

For more information, reach out to an ant extermination professional.