Pastel Perspective: How New Colors In Custom Blinds Can Refresh Your Home

It is no secret that window blinds are not something you usually get excited about when it comes to decorating your home. However, today's window blinds are not the same boring white or beige blinds that have been popular for decades. New pastel shades have arrived on the interior design stage and are taking decorating to new levels of excellence.

Pink pastels

No longer just for a nursery or a child's room, pastel shades of pink are looking anything but childish in interior decorating, and custom blinds are no exception. These popular shades of grownup pink span the range from dusty rose to peachy pink, and they look elegant and sophisticated. Use pink pastel blinds in a room with gray walls and watch the pleasing transformation take place.

Green pastels

It seems as if mint and sage green are showing up everywhere in interior design. A soothing companion to light yellow or beige walls, mint or sage green custom blinds bring a touch of serenity and refreshment to any room of the home. Mint and sage green blinds will complement a room with black furniture or accent pieces well.

Blue pastels

Always in style, subtle shades of blue are taking the custom blind industry to a new level. Great for any room from the kitchen to the bedroom, blue never goes out of style due to its calming effect. Dusty blue custom blinds play well with sage green walls for creating a sense of peace and serenity in a room.

Purple pastels

Always linked with royalty, purple's most popular pastel is lavender and is a fun color for custom blinds. Lavender is a feel-good color that brings an element of surprise to a room. Pair lavender blinds with light gray or yellow walls to create eye appeal in any room.

Yellow pastels

If you have a room that needs more light, pastel yellow blinds will make even a cloudy day appear bright. A perfect match for any wall color, buttery shades of yellow can handle any color your pair it with. Yellow blinds look especially delightful and charming in a kitchen with red accents.

Whether you are looking to add just a hint of color to a neutral room or want to soften a bright room, custom blinds in subtle pastels are up to the task. From peachy pinks to minty greens, pastels can transform the look of any room. Custom blinds are a simple way to give your home a new look without doing a major makeover.