In-Ground Sprinkler Systems

An in-ground sprinkler system will provide your lawn and plants with a consistent rate of water at scheduled times. This type of system contains flexible tubing, sprinkler heads, valves, and a valve manifold. 

Standard Sprinkler Systems

A standard in-ground sprinkler system will contain materials that will provide an expanse of property with the water it needs. A standard boxed set will be labeled with information about how many square feet the sprinkler will cover. The sprinkler heads, irrigation drip emitters, and tubing that came in a kit will each need to be installed along various parts of your property. 

Custom Sprinkler Systems

If you would like to benefit from using an in-ground system that has been specifically designed for the size of your property and the grass and plant varieties that are growing on it, order a custom sprinkler system. This type of system will be designed based on the property specifications that you provide.

A supplier will request information about the size of your yard and the vegetation that is growing on it. Based on this information, you will be furnished with a sprinkler kit that contains the number of sprinkler heads and drip emitters that you will need to keep your lawn healthy.

The size of the tubing and the number of valves that are included in your kit will be dependent upon the preliminary information that you furnished to the supplier.

The Installation Steps

The manufacturer of the in-ground sprinkler system that you purchase will outline the manner in which trenches should be prepared. A trenching machine can be rented from a rental supplier, to aid with preparing each trench. The trenches will support all of the underground tubings that will be attached to the sprinkler heads and drip emitters.

Using flags or another marking device to outline where the trenches will be installed will ensure that you dig trenches that will adequately support the materials in your kit.

The Valves And The Valve Manifold

Each valve will attach to one of the tube sections that are included in your kit. The valves are designed to be installed inside a valve manifold. A plumber can guide you in setting up these critical parts of your new sprinkler system.

Modern in-ground systems contain features that will allow an end user to control the water output that a sprinkler will produce. The system will provide a viable way to program the sprinkler to turn on and off at specific times of the day.

For more info, contact a company like The Sprinkler Connection.